Eco Waste Clearance Services is a London-based company offering rubbish removals, clearance and disposal in London and surrounding areas

With years of experience in providing expert rubbish removals, as well as through knowledge of London area we are proud of our reputation as one of the most affordable, professional and reliable rubbish clearance companies in London

We don't hang around when we get to the site. We do the job quickly, giving you a clean tidy space that's ready to put to good use, instead being filled with rubbish

With a variety of services on offer, from domestic to building waste removal whatever you need we can help

What we offer

Cheap Domestic Waste Removal London

Whether you're a domestic customer needing your house or garden cleared, or a company with an office clearance or building waste to clear, you're in good hands with Eco Waste Clearance Services.


While you relax with a cuppa or use the time you would have spent carting rubbish about to do something else around the house, our smart and friendly team can have your rubbish out and gone, leaving you a tidy space that you can actually make use of. Our team is always available to help you clear your house of all those unwanted items and clutter.

We can clear away unwanted items you've had hanging around for years, like fridges, sofas, cookers, carpets, old mattresses and beds, radiators, cupboards, bookcases, kids toys that they don't play with anymore - the list is endless.

Whatever you've got that you don't want, we can get rid of it.

Get on the phone to our friendly team, and your rubbish could be gone the same day! Wouldn't that be a relief?

Been using the garage as a storage area, and got the point where you've had enough? And you'd finally like to be able to get your car in there?

We can take care of it. Whether you've got boxes of who knows what that you've stored for years, bits of motorbike, kids toys, old furniture, materials the builders left after that job you had done, old kids bikes, that vase Aunt Mabel gave you that you never liked… it doesn't matter. It can all be gone today!

Not sure what's in that creepy basement, and want to turn it into a light, bright space with room to move, or even create an extra bedroom or put in a home gym?

Let the team do everything for you. We can remove any rubbish, old furniture, unused items, old Christmas trees, and anything else that's down there, without you having to face it.


When you're moving offices, getting new furniture, or rearranging areas, it can take an awful lot of time and energy. And you don't want all the clutter of old desks and things you're clearing out getting in the way.

We understand that your business has got to keep running, even in the middle of a revamp, so if you need us after hours or on the weekend, when the building's empty of staff and work's finished for the day, our team can work whenever it's convenient for you.


You know what it's like on site when there's so much rubbish and you can't get to what you need to do for all the rubble and soil. And you could hire a skip, but then you'd have to spend time filling it when you could be building instead.

Not only will we remove your building waste, we'll help your labourers with loading to get it out of your way quicker, letting you get onto the next job. We can take bricks, wood, plasterboard, rubble, soil, timber, metal and any other non-hazardous waste.

What we've listed above is only the tip of the iceberg. Don't see what you need? Give us a call on 07838 213760 for a no-obligation chat, and our professional team will help you.

House Waste Collection London

Why choose us?

We've been doing this for a long time, with years of experience under our belts, and we do everything we can to provide a quick, timely and completely reliable, eco-friendly service

We take good care of our clients and have an excellent working relationship with them, offering discounts for our regulars. And we pride ourselves on our customer service and professionalism.

We work with domestic households, estate agents, private landlords, builders, property managers, construction companies and many other businesses.

We are a responsible company, that's fully insured and licensed with the Environment Agency

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